No Maintenance Tank Update Adding Neon Tetras.

to shake people off this jag TV commDustin's fishtanks for you to you on a Sunday baby how's everybody doing hopeyou're doing well hope your NFL team does well today ifthey're in the playoffs fortunate enough to be in there my team a little bit inthere once in the past

15 years but at least they didn't fire the coach come onbrownies mixtures the year right next year's the year here's what's going onfolks today I want to talk about what I did last night with my wife's nomaintenance tank in and work but first I want to share with

you althoughsomething I got going on I believe the fish tank guys are looking at me becauseI hope you heard but I got an event here in Lexington January 17thless than two weeks away West Sixth brewery partnered with aquaponics foodchain let's not or my people having a big almost

12 hour event folks the fishtank guys are shining on me on Wednesday I'm picking up not one not two not threebut four four-foot tanks I think it's 255 to 275 and some of you all thatattend the event can bring one home with you that's rightI'm bringing it to

you raw folks like shimmy shimmy yo and you know what elseis great about it you guys might be sick about here in this yeah I'm on the westcoast or hey I'm down in Texas and I can't make it well guess what this showis ultimately going on the road

so I don't end up going around and just kindof work kinks out of your local so anyway I'm having a breakdown I'mexcited to bring you this video yo if your wife your girlfriend your parentsyour mom your roommate whatever they want a certain type of fish to give itto

him so here's what we did on Saturday with my wife's tank and a little neonaction hope you enjoy all ice ones neons you give her neons up and people in yourfamily want a certain type of fish give it to him keep him involved in the hobbythat's the key

so we went to a local pet shop I will remain nameless but they hadfive neons only in stock I actually like their tanks were lately stocked theyreally class cats class cats are a little more finicky than others so Ifigured these are some healthy fish we bring them back

we float him now in neontetras I float him for a really really long time no reason to rush theacclamation especially his cookies and I was actually promised cookies by my wifeso I was sitting there you can see me chowing down cookies they're pretty goodactually so while we're doing

that though I'm actually going to make her dothe maintenance on this sucker so we're going to go ahead and do about a 30percent water change you can see the water coming down there you don't wantto do too big of water changes with me onthough and while my wife

is doing the water changes I eat more cookiesso these are some upon Titano basis bulbs I had out the greenhouse they havea dormant period these i assuming went through that dormant period I'm gonna goahead and add these they're fast grow or easy nice plant I've actually got a

fewthem in stock too as well so we're adding the upon two tons while my wifeis working on the water changes you can see I have a ton of water in the bag upslowly every 15 minutes been adding a little bit of water to the neon so whatI'm going

to do you can see in this video here six tips for acclimating fishand buying fish I went through all those but basically you don't pour any of thewater from the pet store into your tank especially with wild-caught Peruvianfish so and then here's a close-up of the fest of

them at the end I am alittle concerned about this guy eating the neons because he isn't fed that muchbut you can see the tank has grown in well I'm liking the way the jungle vialscoming in around as well as the anubias popping off and the water sprites kindof

been a pain it's been melting back a little bit but whatever it is what it isand here's a final look at the neon tetras quick note on neons you reallyreally really want to add them slowly my wife asked on Saturday hey can we addmore fish on Tuesday the

answer is no we're gonna add more fish probably abouta week from now probably only three or four more neon atom slowly like two orthree every week so if you like what I'm doing subscribe if you're anywhere nearLexington Kentucky January 17 come see me folks come to me 12

our fish tankevent Saturday January 17th click the link below and check it out everybodymaking an awesome day awesome week and tank on lighter

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