Lunch, Dinner, & Small Plate Menus



Please note:  

Our food is made-to-order.
Most dishes are available vegetarian.
Some dishes are available vegan.
Daily specials are not listed on the menu below.
For take-out or delivery orders, please call
(504) 267-4199.
(Delivery orders are subject to a $2 delivery charge.)

 $10 lunch plates are now available.

Rice Bowl
Choice of rice: Steamed, Garlic-Ginger, or Coconut
Choose Preparation: Sisig, Adobo, Lechon, or Vegetable
Garnished with pickled vegetables.

Arroz Caldo
Congee style chicken & rice
with crispy garlic & pickled egg slices.

Bagoong Fried Rice
Caramelized pork & fermented shrimp paste
with rice, topped with green mango,
egg strips & cucumber.

Veggie Pancit
Stir-fried vegetables with pancit noodles
(add protein for $4).

Filipino style breakfast with garlic rice,
fried egg & crispy pig tail
(add Spicy vinaigrette Salad for $2)
Bicol Express
Pork sautéed with chili, onion, garlic
& shrimp paste then simmered in coconut milk,
erved with garlic rice.




Lumpia Shanghai    $6 

          Finger-sized pork eggrolls. 


        Lumpia     $7 

        Filipino style pork & veggie eggrolls. 


        Lechon Kawali     $10 

        Pork Belly roasted in lemongrass,
arlic & calamansi, then fried. 


        Kinilaw     $10

        Filipino style ceviche with fresh fish marinated 

        in vinegar, chili, mango, ginger & coconut milk. 


        Sinigang     $9

        Pork & tamarind soup with spinach,
        bok choy, daikon, long beans & okra. 


        Bagoong Fried Rice     $10 

        Caramelized pork, garlic, ginger & fermented 

        shrimp paste, fried with rice, topped with cucumber, 

        green mango & pickled melon rind. 


        Spam Fried Rice     $8 

        Spam sautéed with garlic & onion, fried rice,

        then topped with tomatoes & fried egg. 


        Veggie Fried Rice     $8 

        Fresh veggetables with fried rice & egg. 


                Puluton (Finger Foods) Plate     $18 

                Lumpia Shanghai, 

               Lechon Kawali, 

               BBQ Chicken Skewer, 

               & Crispy Pigs Tail



                        Chicken or Pork Adobo     $13
                        Braised in soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, black pepper. 
                        Served with rice, caramelized onion, & long bean. 

                        Kare Kare     $16
                        Oxtail stewed in peanut butter 
                        with bagoong, eggplant, bok choy, 
                        & long bean over fried rice. 


                        Bistek     $16
                Beef marinated in calamansi

                        then smothered in caramalized onion.
                        Servied with garlic rice and spicy vinegar salad.

                        Dinuguan     $15 

                        Savory blood stew with pork, garlic, ginger, & peppers, 
                        with steamed sweet buns & coconut-banana rice. 


                        Pinakbet     $17 

                        Pork rib & shrimp simmered in bagoong paste 
                        with eggplant, okra, bok choy, long bean, daikon 
                        & bitter melon with steamed rice. 


                        Sisig    $14 

                Pork face & chicken liver 
                sautéed with onion, garlic,
chili, & calamansi.  
                Served with garlic rice & sunny egg. 


                        Tosilog     $13 

                        Filipino breakfast with house made sweet tocino, 
                        garlic fried rice, fried egg & spicy vinegar salad. 


                        Pancit Bihon     $15 

                        Filipino style noodles sautéed with onion, mushroom, 
                        celery, carrot, snow pea, red cabbage & bean sprout, 
                        with choice of Pork, Chicken, Beef, or Shrimp (add $3) 


                        Pancit Malabon     $20 

                        Thick rice noodles sautéed in shrimp stock & fish sauce, 
                        served with shrimp, squid, milkfish & pork belly. 
                        Topped with pickled quail eggs, chicharron powder, bonito & cilantro.


                Cassava Cake 

                Grated yucca and coconut milk 
                with cheddar cheese and custard topping. 


                Leche Flan 

                Creamy egg custard with soft caramel topping. 



                Banana & jackfruit rolled in brown sugar
                then wrapped in lumpia and fried. 



                Shaved ice covered in sweet condensed milk and coconut milk, 
                then topped with house-made sweet red beans, fresh jackfruit, 
                flavored agar gels, avacado ice-cream, ube ice-cream, & taro. 
                Finished with caramelized banana chips & grated coconut.



 We are open for lunch, dinner, take-out, and we now offer delivery.


                Sisig Taco
                Pig cheek & liver sautéed with chili & garlic, 
                with egg and pickled peppers.

                Chicken or Pork Adobo Slider
                Smothered in adobo sauce & caramelized onion 
                on a sweet bun.

                Lumpia Combo
                 One of each style of lumpia with banana ketchup.

                Smoked Milkfish Taco
                Smoked milkfish topped with rice
                & pickled vegetables.

                Vegetable Fried Rice
                Sauteed vegetables with fried rice.






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