Phillipine Cuisine in new orleans


Filipino Food has developed over the centuries with a complex confluence of cultures and ideas.

Like much of South East Asia, the Philippines have been influenced heavily by China as well as the European Empires that established colonies in the region.  Unlike most South East Asian cuisine that has become familiar to Americans, Filipino food shows the influence of the Spanish as well as the American influence from the early half of the 20th century.  Additionally the culinary reality of the island nation in addition to the unique position on the global map has allowed filipino food to trade influence with much of the rest of the world.  At Milkfish this unique cuisine takes a fresh form with professional preparation and artful plating.


Chef Cristina Quackenbush

Chef Cristina Quackenbush was born in the Malaban Rizal in Manila, Philippines.  At age 5 she moved with her mother to Evansville Indiana where she was raised near her new Grandmothers farm.  Her mothers cooking sustained her throughout her childhood while her Grandmother taught her a farm to table lifestlye.  As an adult Chef Cristina has worked in every position of restaurants, managing both kitchens and house fronts for prominent New Orleans Chefs.  In 2012, with the encouragement of Chef Adolfo Garcia, Chef Cristina began her journey toward opening the doors to Milkfish and bringing Philippine Cuisine to The Crescent City.


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