Welcome from Chef Cristina Quackenbush

My mother and grandmother taught me from an early age that making good food is important, 
and it is best when shared with family and friends.  I have put that sentiment into practice
over 25 years of service in the restaurant industry. My goal with Milkfish is for our guests
to learn more about Filipino cuisine, which I like to call “Southeast Asian Soul Food.”  
I hope you find it both comforting and delicious.

Filipino food is one of the most unique and exciting cuisines to experience in New Orleans
today.  It is a mixture of many Asian and Spanish influences.  From the famous
adobo, to the
Filipino style chow mein known as
pancit, to our version of the egg roll--called lumpia--
you will notice the flavors are distinct and savory.

I invite you to join us for lunch or dinner and try Filipino food for yourself. Whether you are
new to the cuisine or grew up eating Filipino cooking, there is something for everyone--
including vegetarian and vegan alternatives for many of our dishes.

With our new, full-time location, Milkfish is currently the only Filipino restaurant in the great restaurant city of New Orleans.  I look forward to seeing at our new home in Mid-City, where
I hope you will truly enjoy a taste of the Philippines.  Until then, keep in touch via social media
using the links below or by following MilkfishNOLA on Facebook or Twitter.

Cristina Quackenbush
Chef and Founder of Milkfish 


Open 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

Friday &


Open Easter Sunday!